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List of organic, recycled and upcycled materials Switch Focus utilise.



Organic Cotton uses no chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides which means that it is healthier for the planet and the people who grow and wear it. Organic cotton also uses less water, preserves soil quality, and encourages biodiversity. Additionally, the fibres are of higher quality and more durable, resulting in longer-lasting garments. By choosing organic cotton, you are supporting sustainable agriculture and creating a positive impact on the world.

Water Drops


Our Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is fluorine-free, meaning it doesn't use harmful fluorine-based chemicals that can persist in the environment for years and are associated with health risks. By opting for fluorine-free DWR, you're choosing an environmentally friendly option that helps maintain fabric breathability and ensures your comfort in all conditions.

Switch Up


Our Switch Ups start by sourcing denim from local clothing recyclers, mainly old Levi's and Carhartt work jeans, to ensure high quality. Our aim is to promote upcycling, reduce waste, and support a circular economy. We believe in creating one-of-a-kind, unique pieces, and using vintage materials helps produce our distinctive look and feel.

Certification Standards


Each product page includes the certification standard related to the product. Please refer below to understand the specific meanings


GOTS is the top global standard for processing organic fibers, with independent certification of the entire supply chain and criteria for ecology and social responsibility.


Being Fair Wear certified implies that a garment is made under active efforts to enhance working conditions for individuals employed in the clothing industry.


EarthPositive® manufactures cotton in a manner that doesn't harm the Earth's soil, water, and inhabitants, including animals, plants, and humans, as well as its climate.

EarthPositive® manufactures cotton in a manner that doesn't harm the Earth's soil, water, and inhabitants, including animals, plants, and humans, as well as its climate.


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified products undergo rigorous testing for harmful substances, ensuring that every component, from fabric to accessories, is safe for your health.


Textile Exchange certifies sustainability practices at the beginning of the supply chain and monitoring their journey to the final product ensures transparency and accountability in sustainability claims.


The Organic Content Standard (OCS) certifies organic material and traceability from source to product ensuring transparency and credibility in the organic material supply chain. 


PETA demonstrate a dedication to animal welfare, ecological consciousness, and long-term viability. PETA's core values encompass empathy, compassion, credibility, proficiency, and perseverance.


The GRS is a certification for recycled content that verifies responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices in production. It ensures accurate content claims and promotes ethical working conditions while minimizing harmful impacts.

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